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Scholarship Entry Form

Entries must be submitted by February 1, 2013

Entrants are required to write an essay that is
no more than 500 words on the following two-part topic:

Given the fragile state of our national economy, with record unemployment and deficits,
describe how having an emergency savings account is more crucial than ever.

How might someone utilize their credit union to focus on saving?

Before you apply, please read the scholarship program guidelines; they contain all of the requirements and application instructions for the Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship.

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First Name*
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Birth Date* (High School Senior Only)
Name of Credit Union*
(Must be a current member of selected credit union.)
Length of Membership*
Expected Graduation Date*(for high school applicants only)
(Month and Year)

Copy and Paste Essay Here

The essay is my original work and all other personal information is true. I understand the essay becomes the property of the Iowa Credit Union Foundation for whatever use it deems appropriate. I agree to cooperate with the Iowa Credit Union Foundation in promotional activities related to the scholarship competition, and should I be selected a winner, give them permission to use my name and photo in promotional activities.

By entering your full name in the signature field below you certify that all the above information is correct.

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